About PYR

Six decades ago, our ancestors worked day and night to liberate us from the clutches of the British. They gave their everything, wealth, homes, families up to get our homeland. But, today, are we really free? Are we really what our noble ancestors wanted us to be? It is time for a revolution. Time to unsheathe our swords and spill some blood. But what sword? Whose blood? The blood will be spilled upon the paper, shed by our sword, the pen. We are revolutionaries working day and night to liberate the citizens of Pakistan. The question is are you with us?

“Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world is progressing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we lag behind others but may be wiped out altogether.”
-Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Foundation of PYR

Back in times around the year 2010, we gathered like-minds and tried to implement our positive and constructive approach towards the development of our society. We had the idea to bring youth to one platform and let them execute their full potential in accomplishing one mission: unified system of education for all. Different systems in educational sector have spread great ambiguity about the actual concept and purpose of gaining education. Our concept of unified system of education is based on developing personalities and creating a healthy competition. We aim to give our society positive and healthy minds through our educational support. We basically support deprived children to gain education, raise their level to compete in the higher post levels and become a dignified part of the society. This would help improve the concept relating education, as well as healthy output of the students-based welfare organization.

Vision of PYR

It is a vision. The development of Pakistan is our long term future goal. The unbiased educational system is importantly focused under our banner. There has always been an image of student organizations, prevailing in our society, not to be so good. The so-called country developing NGOs have always framed themselves as self-centered and non-specific towards their mission statements. The youth of today needs a single focus to express their talent and to work for their country. Our youth is full of enthusiasm and they have all the drive for working hard and making things work not only for themselves but for the country. They just need a platform to fully reveal them and use their youth towards constructive output.


Mission of PYR

  • To provide education to people who can’t afford.
  • To financially support poor students.
  • Career Counseling of people.
  • Building imitative of student’s Islamically and socially.
  • To carry out different social programs.
  • To carry out different Islamic programs.
  • To help the families to make them self-sufficient.
  • To organize different events for student’s welfare.
  • To manage the healthy activities including sports.